Companion HK

A Random Act of Kindness

Are you curious to know, how far can a random act of kindness reach? 

So this starts off as an experiment. Companion has a small initial grant to support 50 Hong Kongers, children and their parents to join our activities, individual counselling or consultation sessions, and group interventions for free. All Hong Kongers recently settling in the UK are welcome to sign up. All you need to do is join us in a random act of kindness. You may wish to support fellow companions with a smile, your peer support, or join one of our self support groups. And for those who can, you can also choose to “pay it forward” and support the next person in need to join our programmes or mindfulness groups. 

Have you heard of the story of the person trading up from a paper clip to a house? We want to see how far a random act of kindness can reach, and how big can we grow this community together. Would you like to join us in this experiment?