Companion HK

Our Mission

To support the psychological and social wellbeing of Hong Kongers in the UK, with a special focus on children and their parents, as well as young adults.

Our Approach

What is wellbeing for you?

Wellbeing could mean very different things for different people. This is what came up in some cross cultural research:

  • Being able to understand and accept ourselves just as we are
  • Savoring pleasant experiences and responding skillfully to negative emotions as they arise
  • Cultivating our inner resources and strengths
  • Being able to pursue and commit to personal and collective goals that are close to heart
  • Having quality interpersonal relationships and feeling connected to social groups and the wider communities in which we belong

How about you? What is important for the wellbeing of you and your family?

In Companion HK, we run mindfulness groups and provide psychological support for neurodiverse students and their families. We also organise peer activities and self help groups to support the social and psychological wellbeing of Hong Kongers in the UK. 

We take a participatory approach to developing our organisation and programmes, meaning that we do not yet have all the answers to your questions. We want to hear your voices and for you to tell us how you would like us to support your wellbeing and grow this community together.