Companion HK

Tree Hole

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou.

Do you have a story burning to be heard? Sometimes I wonder, if all those dreams, those tears, those unspoken words, your smile, your playful laugh, that gentle eagerness in your eyes, if all those had a voice, what would they be? What colours and forms would they take? 

This is page hungry of stories. We would like to offer a safe space for you to share your stories and artwork with others, under a pen name or anonymously if you wish. Each month we will select stories and publish them on this page, organised around themes of wellbeing, learning and neurodiversity, post-traumatic growth and resilience, and settling in the UK. 

The greatest consolation is to know that we are not alone in our hopes and struggles. Perhaps when we muster that courage and share a little piece of ourselves, we unknowingly give permission for others to do the same.